August Wilson’s RADIO GOLF


AUDITION DATE:  Sat, October 26 | 1pm


directed by DAVID GIRARD

performance dates: Jan 31 Feb 1 7 8 9 14 15 16

DRAMA | The story of a man and a community at the crossroads. What is the price of success and what must be done to achieve it? What is the cost of progress and what is lost along the way? The great August Wilson’s final story in his epic 10-play cycle of the African American experience in the 20th Century. A theatrical event not to be missed.


4 M \ 1 F \ All characters are African-American

HARMOND WILKS | Age 38-45 | A Pittsburgh real estate developer seeking to revitalize the Hill and he wants to become mayor. He is driven by success.

MAME WILKS | Age 38-45 | Harmond’s wife and campaign manager. She is seeking a position in the governor’s office.

ROOSEVELT HICKS | Age 38-45 | Harmond’s life-long friend. He is a gambler and has invested everything in Harmond’s plans for the future of the Hill. Roosevelt is an avid golf enthusiast.

STERLING JOHNSON | Age 40-50 | An ex-con who once went to school with Harmond and currently works as a contractor. He is a “straight-to-the-point” type of guy.

JOSEPH ELDER BARLOW | Age 60-70 | An elderly man who is disputing the condemnation of an old house on the Hill. He is full of wisdom and knows Harmond’s family.


  • The audition will consist of a cold read from the play.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.
  • Please provide all known schedule conflicts