adapted and directed by BRIAN NIECE

AUDITION DATE:  Sat, August 17 | 2pm


Performance dates: Dec 6 7 13 14 15 20 21 22

Note: The cast will receive 2 days of free Shakespeare training in preparation for rehearsals. This includes speech, imagination, movement and clues related to Shakespeare text and performance. If you are cast, you will be part of this unique training.


All roles are available to all ethnicities and all genders. The best ensemble will be cast, meaning male and female characters may in fact be played by actors of differing genders from the characters. Additionally, some characters as originally written by Shakespeare have been reworked as parts of other characters.

The ensemble will consist of 8-10 actors, several of whom will play multiple roles. The cast will sing and play instruments throughout. The character breakdown is as follows.

VIOLA | Fraternal twin of Sebastian, displaced on the island of Illyria.
SEBASTIAN | Fraternal twin of Viola, displaced on the island of Illyria.
FESTE | A clown (or fool) who sings, plays, dances, and knows how to have fun while being wise.
ORSINO | The duke of Illyria, fashionably in love with Olivia, and because she rejects him, he is also fashionably melancholy.
OLIVIA | A countess who has sworn to be in mourning for seven years for her recently departed brother.
SIR TOBY BELCH | Olivia’s uncle who loves to drink and might fancy himself a budding Falstaff.
SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK | Sir Toby’s drinking companion who is a great and indecisive follower of others.
MARIA | Olivia’s wise and wily gentlewoman who knows how to hatch wild and wonderful plots.
MALVOLIO | Olivia’s austere steward who wants nothing to do with laughter.
ANTONIO | Sebastian’s rescuer who becomes his friend in Illyria.
VALENTINE | Orsino’s attendant and right-hand man.
CAPTAIN | The unfortunate skipper of the ship that wrecked.
PRIEST | The one who does the marrying.


  • Please prepare a 60-second Shakespeare monologue, comedic or tragic.
  • Be prepared for cold readings from the script.
  • If you sing, you will be asked to sing about 16 bars a cappella of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy,” your own interpretation/arrangement.
  • If you play an instrument and can bring it for a quick demo, please do.
  • Wear something comfortable to move in; there will be some brief movement exercises.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.
  • Please provide all known conflicts.