by Hamish Linklater

AUDITION DATE:  Sun, June 23 | 2pm



Performance dates: Oct 18 19 25 26 27 Nov 1 2 3

This play is a dark comedy with many twists and turns. Our marketing blurb is “It is a cold night.. a woman waits at a bus stop.. and a boy walks up. That’s all we can tell you about this perfect little tale for the Halloween season” and that really is all we want to share about the story of this play. Detailed information about each character may be found below.


ALL of these roles may be played by any ethnicity and the director has a strong desire for a multi-ethnic cast. Final casting decisions will be based on what the actors show in the audition as to how they would bring these characters to life, rather than having a specific visual look. An American accent is required for each role. Indicated ages are for the characters. Actor ages do not need to match as long as you can believably play the character’s age range.

Note: This script contains strong adult language. All auditioning actors must be comfortable with that.

WOMAN | F | 40-50ish | A woman on a precipice. At the beginning of the play, she is in survival mode with little energy left for the expected niceties and pleasantries. One gets a sense there was once a smart, funny, vibrant woman there but life has made her bitter and jaded.

BOY | M | late teens | A ball of energy. Very talkative with a keen intelligence and curiosity. Most people would instantly like him. Most would. His youth and outgoing personality mask something deeper at his core.

MAN | M | mid-40s to mid-50s | Somewhat resigned to life. Has a crusty edge and dry sense of humor. He owns a small liquor store. He’s seen it all and not much ruffles him anymore.


Please bring a copy of your resume and, if at all possible, have an attached photo of yourself. It doesn’t need to be professionally shot, and can be small and printed right in the corner of your resume, but it is useful to include that to help the director remember you later.

The auditions will consist primarily of reading sides from the script. It is highly recommended you use the form below to request a link for downloading the sides and familiarize yourself with them ahead of time.