by Lee Blessing

AUDITION DATE:  Sun, Jan 13 | 12PM



PERFORMANCE DATES: March 15 16 22 23 24 29 30 31

DRAMA | Sensitive and probing, this masterful play examines the subtle and often perilous relationship between three remarkable women: a young girl, her mother, and her grandmother.


DOROTHEA | (50-70’s age range) An ‘eccentric’, Dorothea is determined to make her own path and wishes the same for the women who follow her. Strong, vibrant, and with a keen and sharp mind.

ARTIE | (30’s age range) Dorothea’s brilliant daughter. Angry and somewhat cold, Artie’s demeanor belies the loves she desires from her daughter and mother.

ECHO | (15-17 age range) Sensitive and intelligent, Echo is curious and determined. Her competitive spirit shows her edge and ferocity.


Eleemosynary relies on direct address for much of the text. As such, we will be looking for actors who will be comfortable onstage making choices both intimate and vulnerable. Actors will be asked to ‘lean in’ to their own personalities to create these characters, so feel free to make the character choices uniquely your own during auditions.

A prepared monologue is preferred, but not required. It should not be longer than a minute. If you would like to work on a monologue from the play, or to read the full script, please fill out the form below.