book and lyrics by ALFRED UHRY
adapted from the novella by Eudora Welty

AUDITION DATE:  Sat, Nov 3 | 1-4PM


directed by BRADLEY AKERS
music direction by ANTHONY FELTON
choreography by AMANDA BAILLIE

PERFORMANCE DATES: Jan 25 26 Feb 1 2 3 8 9 10

MUSICAL | This rousing, bawdy Southern fairy tale from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Driving Miss Daisy is loaded with innuendo, mistaken identities and wacky hijinx.



  • Sing 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the music found in The Robber Bridegroom
  • Bring a headshot & resume
  • Wear clothes that will allow you to move – there will be a dance/movement section of the audition
  • You may be asked to read sides from the script
  • Bring ALL known conflicts between November 3 and February 16


  • There is a possible callback, depending on needs, on November 4 at 1:00p. Invited actors will be notified.


All roles are open and all ethnicities encouraged to audition.

JAMIE LOCKHART | M | believably 25-35 | the Bandit of the Wood, natural sounding Baritone with some tenor notes, a “gent and a robber all in one”; he’s a trickster and a bandit who disguises himself as a Southern dandy, he unknowingly becomes engaged to the beautiful young woman he has already seduced and kidnapped.

ROSAMUND | F | believably 20-25 | strong natural voice with belt and soprano range, beautiful, naive, doted-upon daughter, falls in love with the Bandit of the Woods.

SALOME | F | believably 25-40 | strong belt voice with comic chops, Rosamund’s wicked stepmother, smart, conniving, calculating, vengeful, jealous.

CLEMENT MUSGROVE | M | believably 40-55 | Baritone. Rosamund’s father, he’s the richest planter on the Natchez Trace, loving doting father, married to a wicked second wife.

LITTLE HARP | M | believably 25-50 | age open, Baritone, the most gruesome bandit in the history of the Natchez Trace.

GOAT | M | believably 13-25 | natural sounding tenor voice, boyish, a dumb boy with a brain the size of a scuppernong seed, he’s a village idiot with a good soul.

BIG HARP | M | believably 30-55 | age open, Baritone, Little Harp’s big brother, he is a “cut off head in a trunk,” who is carried around by Little Harp, the brains of the operation, also in the ensemble. Actor must be comfortable being in a rolling trunk.

RAVEN | F | believably 15-35 | vocal range open, a small, physically agile actor who impersonates a raven, part of the Little Harp gang, a wicked nasty little bird, also part of the ensemble.

AIRIE | F | believably 13-25 | vocal range open, Goat’s little sister, not as dumb as her brother, part of the ensemble.

Ensemble | F & M | believably 18+ | character actors of various ages and types who are pivotal to the action; they play roles including Goat’s Mother, The Innkeepers, Animals, Trees in the Forest, and all the colorful characters of the Natchez Trace; they move the show along through dance and song, all must sing and move well and have great imaginations.


Thanks for your interest in being a part of The Robber Bridegroom! Auditions are one of my favorite parts of the process. Please remember something – I want to cast you! So, show us what you have. Be yourself – be confident – relax – and enjoy yourself. Don’t let this audition be a scary thing because I want to see your most authentic self. For The Robber Bridegroom, we are going for something highly imaginative and theatrical. Therefore, engaging every part of your imagination is critical to the success of this production! Additionally, we are looking for a diverse cast with an incredibly unique set of skills. Ages listed above are suggestions – I want it to be believable, but also want to embrace the fact that this is a troupe of players telling this story. Hope to see you there!