by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

AUDITION DATE:  Sat, Oct 6 | 2-4PM


directed by GLORIA WARE

PERFORMANCE DATES: Nov 30 Dec 1 7 8 9 14 15 16

A Christmas Comedy in Two Acts | It’s four days before Christmas in the tiny town of Tinsel, Texas, and a colorful parade of eccentric guests arrive at the Snowflake Inn and deck the halls with holiday hilarity.


Auditions will be reading scenes from the play. There will be double casting for some roles. Great opportunity for you to create different characters in one play.

Actors must be available the week after Thanksgiving for tech week: November 25 – opening night and beyond. Bring a list of all conflicts you have between October 6 – December 16 with you to the auditions.


All roles are open and all ethnicities encouraged to audition.

TRINA WALLCOTT | F | (40s-50s) | Harried, bubbly manager of the Snowflake Inn who’s in all scenes.

MR. BOYKIN | M | (50s+) | Petulant guest who’s never seen.

LOU IDA | F | (50s+) | Surly housekeeper/cook who’s never seen.

CUDDLES | F | (40s–50s) | Matronly, nervous wife.

BINKY | M | (40s–50s) | Spry, energetic, eager to please husband.

HOYT LEDFORD | M | (40s–50s) | Anxious man with an agenda, brother to Donna Jo.

DONNA JO AUSTIN | F | (30s–40s) | Brash and spunky sister to Hoyt.

ENNIS PUCKETT | F | (50s+) | Sharped tongued, curmudgeonly sister to Della.

DELLA CROWDER | F | (50s+) | Feisty and sweet sister to Ennis.

AINSELY DANFORTH | M | (40s+) | Egotistic and a formally trained “Ack-Tor”.

LENORA BENEDICT | F | (40s+) | Over the top dramatic actress.

PAULETTE COOGAN | F | (20s–60s) | “By the book”, stern stage manager.

HONEY RAE FUTRELLE | F | (40s+) | Sexy, vivacious, bride-to-be 3 rd time and sister to Twink and Frankie.

TWINK FUTRELLE BUNTNER | F | (40s+) | Determined, practical sister to Honey Rae and Frankie.

FRANKIE FUTRELLE DUBBERLY | F | (40’s+) Sensible, down-to-earth sister to Twink and Honey Rae.

RAYNERD CHISUM | M | (50s+) | Uncomplicated, child-like porter of the Inn.

RHONDA LYNN LAMPLEY | F | (40s+) | Saucy and short-fused.