by Frederick Knott

Please note the audition date has changed from what was originally announced. The correct date is what is listed below…

AUDITION DATE:  Sun, Sept 9 | 1PM


directed by FRANKLIN RITCH

PERFORMANCE DATES: Oct 26 27 Nov 2 3 4 9 10 11

MYSTERY/DRAMA | Susy Hendrix is a blind Greenwich Village housewife living in the 1990’s, who unwittingly becomes the target of three tenacious con men who are hell-bent on obtaining a precious item from her by any means they have to. When Suzy discovers her life is at stake, she must use all of her cunning and wits to fend off the three murderous villains and survive the night… And she must do all of this without the benefit of sight.


For auditions, please prepare a short monologue that demonstrates emotional range and character authenticity. We are looking for actors who can convey a heightened realism and believability under tense and even thrilling circumstances. The monologues should be no longer than two minutes in length.

Be prepared to stay and read sides from the script. Please come familiar with the script and ready to make strong choices. Copies of sides will be available at the audition.

Please come to audition on time (not an “open house” call) prepared to list ALL conflicts in September, October, and November.


All roles open and casting will be completely color blind.

SUSY HENDRIX | F | 20-35 | A vivacious young woman who was blinded in a car accident. Possessing a very strong will, she is highly intuitive even when the stakes are high and her own life is on the line. Most would find her to be kind, funny, clever, with a mild bohemian flare to boot. But in the face of certain death, she’s an intellectual force to be reckoned with.

MIKE TALMAN | M | 25-45 | A smart and charismatic con-man with an eye on the prize. He should be fit, suave, tough, though not without a relatively good moral compass. He’s a skeptic, possibly even a cynic, but he does maintain a mild admiration for Susy and her unwavering strength.

SARGEANT CARLINO | M | 25-45 | A small-time grifter. He’s coarse, a bit uneducated, with a very flexible code of ethics. His pride is often challenged which frequently leads to a souring of his attitude. Luckily he’s able to confide heavily in Mike, who ensure’s both of their safety.

HARRY ROAT | M | 25-45 | A master criminal with no empathy for anyone. Like many sociopaths, he is highly intelligent and manipulates people with ease. Though he’s offbeat, he’s not eccentric. He’s consistently unfazed by his circumstances, and never takes anyone, including himself, too seriously. He’d almost be charming if he wasn’t also a sadistic murderer.

SAM HENDRIX | M | 20-35 | An ex-marine with a deep love of photography and his wife, Susy. Being so practical and forward-thinking, he’s determined that Susy should have a life of independence despite her lack of sight. He may be a little fixated on his work at times but he’s still a good man.

GLORIA | F | 8-15 | A young girl with mostly absent parents who often finds sanctuary with her downstairs neighbors, the Hendrix. She’s very insecure and sensitive, but at least she’s smarter than most adults would believe.