MAY 8, 9, 15, 16, *17, 22, 23, *24 | 2015

by Evan Smith

directed by LEE HAMBY

COMEDY | A heaven-sent comedy drenched in southern charm, infused with a pinch of hellfire and a dollop of damnation. Two daffy Catholic sisters find themselves in a verbal smack down with a door-to-door evangelist in their own home. Crackling with wit and brimming with emotion.

starring LAURA PEDEN as Mary • GRETTA RUSSE as Margaret • KELBY SIDDONS as Melissa • ALLEN MORTON as Father Murphy

assistant director: RHODIE JACKSON • stage manager: JANELLE M. ROSKO JONES • light board operator: MELANIE ARDEN • set design and decoration: ALLEN MORTON • costume design: LEE HAMBY • lighting and sound design: BRYAN FRANK • set construction / decoration: BRIAN JOHNSON, MELANIE ARDEN, LOYD JONES, JANELLE JONES, RHODIE JACKSON, KYLE GEARY, LEE HAMBY, GORDON FRANK, BRYAN FRANK • lighting crew: GORDON FRANK, MELANIE ARDEN

production photography: SUSAN J ROCHE