SEPT 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, *15, 20, 21, *22 | 2103

music, lyrics and book by Rupert Holmes
based on the book by Charles Dickens

directed by SAMUEL FISHER
musical direction by ZEEK SMITH
choreographed by CODY RUSSELL

MUSICAL | At this hit Broadway musical, you finish the story Charles Dickens didn’t! It’s the show that ends differently every night, depending on what the audience decides. This rollicking winner of the Tony “Triple Crown” (Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score) unites the company and the audience in the joy of theatrical invention.

DAVID JON DAVIS as Mayor Thomas Sapsea / Chairman William Cartwright
LESLIE RICHART as Edwin Drood / Dick Datchery / Miss Alice Nutting
JESSICA ALEXANDER as Rosa Bud / Miss Deirdre Peregrine
JAMES ALEXANDER as John Jasper / Mr. Clive Paget
AMY FARMER as The Princess Puffer / Miss Angela Prysock
BOB SHELLENBERGER as Rev. Crisparkle / Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe
ALEC HADDEN as Neville Landless / Mr. Victor Grinstead
DAISY MILLER as Helena Landless / Miss Janet Conover
RICHARD SPEED as Bazzard / The Waiter / Mr. Philip Bax
LEONARD ALTERMAN as Durdles / Mr. Nick Cricker
HAYS JACOBS as Deputy / Master Nick Cricker
SJ ROCHE as The Stage Manager
LAUREN BELL as Beatrice / Ensemble
ELEANA CARRION as Wendy / Ensemble

stage managed by AMANDA EASON • costume design by TIFFANY JORDAN • set design by JESS TAYLOR

production photography: PAUL E VARNER