MAY 10 11 17 18 19 24 25 26 | 2013

by Tennessee Williams

directed by DAVE ALAN THOMAS

CLASSIC DRAMA | Reveals to the very depths the character of Blanche du Bois, a woman whose life has been undermined by her romantic illusions, which lead her to reject – so far as possible – the realities of life with which she is faced and which she consistently ignores. The pressure brought to bear upon her by her sister, with whom she goes to live in New Orleans, intensified by the earthy and extremely “normal” young husband of the latter, leads to a revelation of her tragic self-delusion and, in the end, to madness.

starring AMANDA MORALES as Blanche Du Bois • JOE WALZ as Stanley Kowalski • KELBY SIDDONS as Stella Kowalski • RYAN MICHAEL MURRAY as Harold “Mitch” Mitchell • TRICIA WILLIAMS as Eunice Hubbell • ISOM STEVE PHILIPS as Steve Hubbell • KENNETH DOWLING, JR. as Pablo • CLIFF RIGSBEE as Doctor • THERESA DAVIDSON-BUCHANAN as Nurse • LIBRA J. GYSEL as Neighbor • AMY TILLOTSON as Mexican Woman • BRANDON PARIS as A Young Collector

stage manager: EMILEE ESTEP

production photography: SUSAN J ROCHE