by SHELLI LONG, Director of Bookstore


No preconceived set designs, no iconic performances, no YouTube clips to reference! These are just some of the opportunities and challenges an original musical offers. Oh, and did I mention the authors live in the area? Well, BOOKSTORE has all that and more and this amazing cast has embraced the challenge as their own. The story and setting are current; a small, family bookstore run by a less than perfect man, in the middle of Manhattan, struggling to survive in the world of mega bookstores and online ordering. Enter a woman trying to reinvent herself as a young widow. Toss in a couple of side stories that include a best friend with a nightmare/dream job; an ex-wife who’s also the landlady; an actress and director who get reacquainted via a chance encounter, and a nervous, out of work chef/thief with a conscience.

We hope to take you through all these characters’ inner struggles and changes, inside and outside, “The Bookstore.”