book and lyrics by TOM JONES

AUDITION DATE:  Sat, Nov 5 at 2:00pm

PERFORMANCE DATES: January 20 21 27 28 29 February 3 4 5


director: DAVE ALAN THOMAS (previously directed Blood Brothers, Red, and A Streetcar Named Desire at ABET)
musical director: ROBIN BRAZELTON (previously MD on Merrily We Roll Along, Ordinary Days at ABET)
choreographer:  NICHOLE IGNATIO (previously choreographed Aida at PBTS)

Celebration (1969) is a rarely performed musical by the writing team that created The Fantasticks. Celebration is a musical fable, employing a nearly bare stage and it explores the contrasts between youth and old age, innocence and corruption, love and ambition, and poverty and wealth. (Timely, isn’t it?)



Resumes and headshots are helpful, but not required.

We will begin with the vocal audition at 2pm. If you arrive 15 minutes early, you can start to fill out the audition form so that we can promptly start at 2pm. Parking at ABET is at a premium, so plan accordingly. Please prepare and bring 32-40 bars of piano sheet music of a Broadway show. You may want to consider a show from the 60’s or early 70’s to find something in a similar style to the show. You may also wish to consider a piece that helps to demonstrate strong storytelling abilities while you sing, or something that allows you to dance, if that is a skill that you wish to feature.

Once the vocal auditions are complete, you will move on to the choreography section. Please bring clothes that are form-fitting and move easily. Dance shoes are recommended. The choreography will be highly stylized and in a variety of Modern styles.

Once everyone has gone through those two steps, we will read short sections from the script in a cold-reading style or play a storytelling game.

We hope to be completely through with the process by 5pm. Ideally, casting will occur Saturday evening.


A multi-ethnic cast is HIGHLY desired for 10-12 cast members of ages 20s-50s.

There are four “named” characters with solos:

POTEMKIN |(Adult, wide range of age possibility) an actor who sings and dances. A masterful storyteller. This part could be cast as a female.

ORPHAN | (20’s) a male actor/singer who dances, legit voice. Earnest, naive, lovable.

ANGEL | (20’s), legit voice actress who dances. The object of affection. Beautiful and graceful.

RICH | (Middle-aged) fat character man who dances and sings. A character actor.

Then, there is the ensemble or “revelers” who contribute throughout the show. They have a lot of stage time. They are dancer/singers primarily. Ideally, they should be cast with a wide-range of diversity. Seeking ages 20’s – 50’s for this group. We will either cast 3 men and 3 women or 4 men and 4 women for this group. By examining the song breakdown below, one can see just how often these ensemble members are on the stage as various groups.

Celebration – Potemkin and Revelers
Orphan in the Storm – Orphan and Revelers
Survive – Potemkin and Revelers
Somebody – Angel and Hittites
Bored – Rich
My Garden – Orphan and Revelers
Where Did It Go? – Rich and Sycophants
Love Song – Angel, Potemkin, Rich, Orphan and Revelers
To the Garden – Company

I’m Glad to See You’ve Got What You Want – Angel and Orphan
It’s You Who Makes Me Young – Rich and Revelers
Not My Problem – Potemkin and Machines
Fifty Million Years Ago – Orphan
Beautician Ballet – Rich and Revelers
Saturnalia – Potemkin and Revelers
Under the Tree – Angel and Animals
Winter and Summer – Company
Celebration (reprise) – Company


Sun, Oct 23 at 5:30pm

Everyone is invited to attend this read through prior to the audition to get to know this work. We will read the libretto, listen to the original cast recording, have light appetizers, and be available to answer questions about the audition process, rehearsals, and other aspects of the show.

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