adapted and directed by KELBY SIDDONS

AUDITION DATE: Saturday, July 16 | 9am-12pm and 1-4pm

PERFORMANCE DATES:  Oct 21 22 28 29 30 Nov 4 5 6



Notes from the Director …

Ready for the original Game of Thrones? Seeking courageous, playful, precise, versatile actors for a small company to be double-triple-maybe-even-quadruple cast across a pared down, jacked up version of Shakespeare’s Scottish play.

We’re doing Shakespeare in the Dark — literally and figuratively — so your excitement for and agility amid dim lighting, dark themes, and gallows humor are needed.

You should be a patient, creative, motivated collaborator and conjurer excited to mine the text and staging for all their potential as we create a deeply human Halloween thrill ride.

Note: Actors of all colors, genders, sexes, and creeds welcome… except Marlovians (Look it up / KIDDING).

Note: I’m open to disregarding most all traditions of gendered casting outside of Lord/Lady M.

Auditions start with monologues during the day on Saturday, June 16th at ABET. To audition:

  1. Comprehensively evaluate your calendar between mid-July and early November. Include any/all conflicts when you move to step two and…
  2. Download and complete the audition form:  PDF
  3. Sign up for a monologue audition time at: LINK
  4. Keep your schedule clear for callbacks on the 17th (I’ll let you know if I need you no later than 6pm on the 16th)

More on #2 — Audition Form

Please download and fill in the provided audition form. Either email it to the director (email address is on the form) by Wed, July 13, or bring it with you to the audition.

More on #3 — Monologue Auditions

Sign up with the link above to share a monologue with me that day. If you’re at a loss for a monologue that will help you convey some of the above, I suggest the Porter’s speech from MACBETH for all types and genders. Memorized is excellent, but if you don’t have it ready, please bring your Shakespearean monologue (marked up with text work) ready to read along with a monologue you DO have ready to perform off book. I will work with you a bit on your Shakespearean monologue (see video posted here), so don’t be surprised when I chime in. Consider it part of my audition for YOU.

NOTE: more audition times will be added as necessary. Contact me if you’re not able to make the currently listed times.

More on #4 — Callbacks

I’ll let you know if I need to see more of you no later than 6 pm on the 16th. The following day (the 17th), I will probably hold callbacks. This would probably consist of small group scenes that allow us to devise and get more physical without the burden of being on book with a terribly long selection/lines. Wear clothes to move in, please.

NOTE: I can make no promises yet about when I’ll be able to assemble a full cast / let you know if you are cast. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

NOTE: If conflicts change for you in the midst of the casting process, please do me a solid and contact me!

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