Thank you to Audrey Dearborn and Theresa Rookey

|||Thank you to Audrey Dearborn and Theresa Rookey

Thank you to Audrey Dearborn and Theresa Rookey

2017-03-14T20:57:53+00:00 March 14, 2017|Community|

ABET sends a huge shout-out and thank you to Audrey Dearborn and Theresa Rookey!


For the past nine years, Audrey and Theresa, along with their helpers Walter Krupinski, Ken Rookey, Bev Deneen, Karen Lahey, Susan Cathcart and Carol Kalata, have provided an exceptional array of food for ABET’s opening night receptions. That’s six shows a year for nine years, never missing a show! Every opening night, as the audience is enjoying Act I, Audrey and Theresa and their helpers are setting up, cooking, and decorating the back room of the building for the reception.


They not only provide the food, many times complementing the theme and locale of the show, a special punch and table decorations for the occasion. They also create a jolly atmosphere by dressing for the nearest holiday, as well as providing sheets of paper and pens on each table for audience members to write their comments to cast and crew. These are then displayed in the dressing rooms for the casts to enjoy reading. They always go above and beyond.


Thank you so much! We love you and ABET couldn’t do without you!

photographer: WALTER KRUPINSKI