Little Women – A Treasured Classic

|||Little Women – A Treasured Classic

Little Women – A Treasured Classic

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LITTLE WOMEN was completed by Louisa May Alcott in the 1860’s and published as a two-volume novel. The first volume was published in 1868 and the second in 1869. The appealing nature of the story and the universal themes and characters that run rampant in Alcott’s world have inspired generation after generation and have ultimately lead to LITTLE WOMEN’s position as a mainstay in American Literature. The book has since been adapted into many film versions, two musical versions, an opera, a Broadway play, and several other dramatic versions.

ABET will be presenting the play, LITTLE WOMEN, in its dramatic form as adapted by John D. Ravold. Ravold finished the script in 1934 and it has since been performed thousands of times around the globe. Ravold’s script differs, in that the action of the play takes place entirely in the March’s home. This very specific picture of the world of LITTLE WOMEN offers a more honest and realistic view of the lives of the four girls and the most important inhabitants of their world.

The play is presented in three acts, and much of the secondary characters and sub-stories of Alcott’s original novel are absent from the play.

“There’s no way any playwright could ever capture the entire story of Little Women in one sitting,” says director Erik DeCicco. “However, the playwright has cleverly chosen to focus on those characters and situations that have the most effect and power over the lives of the March Sisters. It promises to be a very revealing production; not just what it’s like to be a ‘little woman,’ but what it’s like to be human.”

The world of LITTLE WOMEN is filled with economic shortcomings, war, love, and loss of loved ones. Although it was penned it the mid-1800’s, its relevance today continues to make the story of LITTLE WOMEN a treasured American classic.